7 Reasons Why Human Wigs are So Expensive?

7 Reasons Why Human Wigs are So Expensive?

Hair wigs are the ultimate solution to a variety of problems that people face — Want to change your hair color game but are worried about ruining your natural color? Want to have short hair but also enjoy having long hair? Experiencing baldness? All your problems will be solved by just one thing, wig.

A hair wig allows you to achieve any look you like, whether a subtle haircut or a bold hair color. It also protects your hair from frying if you enjoy experimenting with it. So, if you want to do all of the above, you have probably come across a pricey list of wigs, with a human hair wig at the top of the list.

A human hair wig is, indeed, the most expensive wig available on the market. Other wigs, primarily synthetic wigs, are substantially cheaper. However, the quality difference between human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs is more significant.

1 – Hair Quality and Texture

Human hair wigs are made from hand-picked virgin hair. People donate their hair for various reasons, but their hair is only used in wigs after it has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

The donated hair must be long, dense, and healthy, with no history of dyeing, perming, or coloring. This fine hair quality and texture are primarily responsible for the high cost of human hair wigs.

2 – Cleaning Process

Once the hair for the wig is collected, it is cleaned to remove all germs and bacteria, including lice, dandruff, and the possibility of disease, before the manufacturing process begins.

The hair is disinfected using expert chemical solutions and medicines in a cleaning device. This helps disinfect the hair of all germs and gives it a healthy glow that looks real once the wig is made.

3 – Complex Manufacturing Process

Another aspect that adds to the high cost of human hair wigs is their intensive manufacturing process. The hair professional’s hand-tie all of the hair at the base of the cap by knotting each strand individually. This knotting process typically takes 40 hours to complete.

When highlighting wigs, a unique design blueprint is needed to determine where the highlighted hair strands should be knotted. The knotting process can be significantly longer than 40 hours if the hair density increases by 150 or 180 percent.

4 – Arduous Designing and Grooming

Designing and grooming a hair wig is a difficult task, so human hair wigs are more expensive than other wigs. After the wig is made, stylists are brought in to design it with different colors, highlights, lowlights, etc.

When you add grooming a wig to the mix, the job becomes even more difficult. The stylists ensure that each strand is cut with precision and consistency, resulting in a flawlessly groomed human hair wig.

5 – Natural Looking

A natural appearance is another considerable benefit of human hair wigs. Human hair wigs are the most natural-looking wigs on the market today.

6 – Can be Colored and Styled

Human hair wigs are more flexible than other wigs as well. You can play with them in any color and style. Human hair wigs, like natural hair, can be dyed in any color. You can even dye human hair wigs at home on your own.

You can also experiment with different hairstyles, which is impossible with synthetic wigs since they are plastic and cannot be near heat styling tools. Just be sure to take care of your wig by following the techniques for washing a human hair wig.

7 – Fine Texture

A well-textured wig is essential for a natural appearance. Human hair wigs are solely made of fine-textured hair that can be styled in any way you like.
Hence, investing in a human hair wig can be the best decision you ever make when purchasing wigs.


It can be difficult to pick which type of wig to purchase, especially when cheap wigs are readily available. However, keep in mind that buying a human hair wig is a long-term investment since it lasts for more than a year if properly cared for.

Investing in a human hair wig can be the best decision you ever make because it will save you time and money from buying cheap wigs that will fall apart after only a few wears.

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