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Located in Coral Springs, Florida the Beauty and Smile believes everyone has the right to express their beauty through self-care. 

Our products are designed to help women consolidate their confidence by amplifying their beauty to the highest degree. We prepare every product following high-quality standards because your skin deserves the best that the world has to offer. 

All products at Beauty and Smile are subjected to extensive testing before they’re made available for the consumption of our valued customers. After all, there is nothing that takes precedence over our commitment to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. 

Located in Coral Springs, Florida- we service a variety of clients from all over allowing them to feel beautiful and completely themselves in every way.  

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Here at the Beauty & Smile we strive to allow everyone to feel 100% themselves. Whether it is a new look, and old look or you’re looking to just make some small changes, we are here to help! 

From 100% virgin hair wigs wig installation and teeth whitening, we want you to feel confident no matter where you go. The Beauty & Smile is here to help you gain confidence and spice things up!

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